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Black Box Theory is an international company focussed on the enablement of businesses, companies, conglomerates, investors, and entrepreneurs, of all sizes, to achieve success through innovative and bespoke solutions.

 Black Box Theory is made up of 4 divisions:

what we do

Management Consulting

Innovation Advisory services

The African Content Hub

GINI : Fund Management for African disruption

 Plus our corporate social investment division:

A separately registered NGO


Management Consulting

Advance in the digital and online commerce world

In the world we live in today, there are new business models being created daily. Businesses are increasingly being pressured for results as the digital and online commerce world advances.

Organisations must urgently and strategically reinvent themselves by creating a new value (added) culture for this new consumer or they will no longer be attractive and desirable.

Black Box Theory started the evolution of Digital Transformation in the context of Management Consulting, way back in the 2011 at the time of its founding, and while it is our area of expert specialisation, the agenda of the business world today, goes beyond digital transformation, and more in the construction of a different brand and organisation ‘cultural’ positioning, because the consumer is constantly changing, constantly evolving, and competitors constantly innovating.

And, as we know ‘it’s always about them (the customer), never about you (the organisation/brand/business)’

Our founder Yavi Madurai says “When you make it about the customer, you will always win. We have always been told (since time immemorial), that “the customer is king” … with the world of digital and online, ‘the customer FINALLY wears the crown’.

At BBT, we couldn’t be happier with these turn of events, as the customer is an open book if you look closely enough. Watch them, listen to them (truly), understand them – they will give you the answers – you don’t have to break your head thinking about what could please them, and then become your brand’s advocate”

Innovation Advisory Service

With ORM as OUR Specialisation

Innovation is the only factor that keeps a business relevant, and relevancy directly correlates to profitability. We simply cannot afford to risk the value of companies by not innovating. The pace of innovation is becoming almost ridiculously rapid, and with the rate and scale of technology advancement, innovation is becoming a strategic and cultural norm for any organisation, big or small. Startups are synonomous with innovation, and it is this startup ‘culture’ that determines the future of the business world.

BBT, being an eternal start-up (a culture, not a status), lives this daily, so that we can bring that innovation advisory to you. If we’re not leading innovation ourselves, then how can we advise on it?

Our goal is to ‘drive the thrive’ of knowledge-based economies and all of us at ‘the box’ (BBT’s offices) have spent our careers working, creating, and supporting these types of enterprises. We are committed to making innovation an instrument for educational, scientific, technological, and most importantly, economic change.

Across extreme and diverse fields from business to biotechnology, from finance to information technology, from energy to the environmental sector, from marketing to manufacturing, and from retail to government, we have launched and sustained academic, government, and industrial programs, that have turned innovation and collaboration into economic impact.

Our client objectives determine how we ‘drive the thrive’, & in support of these goals, we:

  • Design and lead funding drivers at national, supranational, and sectoral levels

  • Assist in the creation of funding bodies focused on strengthening economies, through an ecosystem of innovation, infrastructure, and skills development

  • Advise and mentor entrepreneurial start-ups, and businesses ready for either diversified revenue streams or levelling upwards

  • Government organisations across the world, regularly seek our advice to improve their performance, address new challenges, and advance their countries positioning in the global economy. From our decades of experience working in the interface between the public and private sector, we know how critical the right advice is, , to build high-performing enterprises

We ‘drive the thrive’ for the competitive advantage.

GINI : A tech FUND for ‘technology equality’

Advance in the digital and online commerce world

BBT are the fund managers for South Africa’s only IMPACT technology fund.

A fund that was conceptualised from the ‘heart’ of our founder, to ensure the future of Africa’s place in the world of technology.

The World Economic Forum founder, Klaus Schwab, argues that the single most important challenge facing humanity today is how to understand and shape the new technology revolution.

The “fourth industrial revolution” captures the idea of the confluence of new technologies and their cumulative impact on our world.

Africa has 3 challenges in context of the 4th industrial revolution:

  • Infrastructure

  • Skills development

  • Access

Impact investing is proving to be one of the most important social innovations in our lifetime, leveraging the massive power of capital markets to a higher purpose than maximising returns for shareholders.

Impact investing refers to investments “made into companies, organisations, and funds with the intention to make a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact.”

BBT has created and is the managing agent of the Impact Technology fund, GINI*. The African based fund targets technology as an asset class, for the economic emancipation of Africa, to drive the continent’s technological advancement, towards becoming a global leader in technology.

*GINI, meaning ‘Gold’ in Sanskrit, pays homage to the founder’s roots of her name being Sanskrit (an ancient Indian language), and the language of all Hindu philosophy, in particular the philosophies of mathematics, science, yoga and meditation, her favourite things in the world.

She is unapologetically, proudly South African, and lives in the ‘city of gold’, the best place in the world, for her. In her words : “you feel the energy of the gold in your veins, and in every heartbeat”.

We’re sure you can now understand why she wanted the tech fund to be called GINI

The African Content Hub

Keep a business relevant, because relevancy directly correlates to profitability

Africa’s hub of content that is all about ‘Mother’ Africa … her people, her culture, her innovations, and her technology.

BBT are purveyors of content from all over the world. Our particular area of specialisation is in content for all manner of media broadcast, from TV, to radio, social media, online, digital, outdoor, and even print (just because they ask so nicely).


Our content creators and curators form part of a unique model, that combines technical experts, communications experts, and digital marketers. BBT’s founding model was offering social media marketing agency services as one of the aspects of the full business model. We have since evolved from this – to see social media as more than just a marketing & communications platform, but a strategic device for the positioning of content, making the brand the hero of the story. At BBT, we have always been at the forefront of what the next game changer is. This is not by accident. It is by design. It is our founder’s early career philosophy to lead the way in what the next game changer will be, that will impact the world in a positive way, the next ‘other’, or the ‘new (way)’. It is this philosophy which drives our company culture, that has seen us evolve a few times in our short history, ensuring that we have reinvented ourselves time and time again, always ahead of the dynamic changes of the technology and business worlds, but most importantly, it is being able to anticipate (and deliver on) the needs and wants of the customer, that is our most magnanimous claim, to date.

Our founder talks about us being ‘Afro-possibilists’.

In her view, everything and anything is possible …

… in Africa

… for Africa

… by Africans.

‘Africans’: being defined as anyone born of this continent, and who has the inherent, unapologetic belief that Africa and Africans can do anything they decide they want to. We are a unique ‘people’, and we simply must use our uniqueness to position ourselves as global leaders.

Telling our stories, especially the ones about the uniqueness of our people, the culture of innovation and disruption that exists in the DNA of the continent, and the technology that we are embracing to solve Africa’s problems – this is critical to the narrative of Africa, and our future positioning. The way the world views us, will determine the value of our products and services, and the capacity in which we trade with them, and how we appeal to them for investment in our country.

Driving the African narrative with curated content, is a strategic move to ensure all of this.

Africa’s stories are premium content.
We know this.
We treat it as such


(a separately registered NGO, to facilitate BBT’s Corporate Social Investment division).

Our goal is in our name …
Using technology to increase the equality of opportunity
– a term we like to refer to as Technology Equality.

The is a massive challenge in the world, and in Africa and South Africa, it is particularly even more so.

We believe that Africa’s people have the ability to be global leaders, and thereby positioning the continent as a leader. We only have to look to those African’s who have been invested in, to see their achievements in science and technology.

We have a question for you : What if all of Africa had ACCESS (to technology), INFRASTRUCTURE (that allowed access), and SKILLS (to know what to do with the access)?

What if???

TechEqual is a “dream the impossible dream” of the ‘what if… we put technology in the hands of Africans in a way that allowed them to make their lives better by themselves, without having to look to governments and corporates?’ TechEqual can be considered a dream, but it’s also an endeavour to show the possibilities of the ‘what if?’.


We are proud of our Services and we want you to know, what our customers feel about that.

I love the work done. It was an easy project due to the professionalism shown by BBT. Thank You Black Box Theory

Lead Designer @ H&M

I love the work done. It was an easy project due to the professionalism shown by BBT. Thank You Black Box Theory

Lead Designer @ H&M

I love the work done. It was an easy project due to the professionalism shown by BBT. Thank You Black Box Theory

Lead Designer @ H&M

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